Travel startups redefining how you travel

1 year ago Amy 0
Going somewhere? Traditional taxis and on-demand apps don’t always cut it for long journeys and small city dwellers. Luckily for you, there are so many alternatives now. New services, popping up all over the world, make getting from A to B easier than ever before. Challenging traditional methods of transportation – i.e. the personal car, Read More

5 luxury gift ideas for the business traveller

1 year ago Rebecca Jones 0
Whilst Christmas might still be at the back of your mind it will be soon the big day. Whether you can’t think of the perfect gift or you’re short on time, the lovely people at Harrods Corporate Gifts can help. You might think a luxury store like Harrods is for those with big budgets and Read More

Singapore: The Asian Startup Hub

1 year ago Rebecca Jones 0
Whilst Singapore has been known as a financial hub for years it is fast becoming a hub for startups. We spoke to Gabriel Lim, CEO of Media Development at IMDA to find out what Singapore has to offer those looking expand their businesses into new markets. How has the startup scene changed in the last Read More

Tips on getting the most from your home office

2 years ago Rebecca Jones 0
The number of people working from home has increased dramatically in the past decade. And, whether you only work from home occasionally or if your entire job is home based, chances are you will have set up a little office for yourself somewhere in your house. While there are numerous benefits from working from home, Read More

Best cities to visit in Europe

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Even though Europe is the smallest of all the continents, it is composed of 27 different countries. As a result, there are a number of exciting travel experiences, no matter if you are planning a quick trip, or an extended vacation. Before embarking on your European adventure, you will have to get a first or Read More

Travel quotes to inspire

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This year has been a great year for travel, I’ve woken up in jungle resorts to the hear the call to prayer, eaten hotdogs in NYC when really I should be sleeping, spoken to a Feng Shui master on the MRT in Singapore and met some awesome startups on the side of a mountain in Read More

Does exercise make you more productive?

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Earlier this year, research by Opus Energy asked SME business owners and decision makers how they maintained focus and energy throughout the day. Perhaps unsurprisingly, almost a quarter of respondents said they relied on caffeine as a pick me up, whereas less than 1 per cent said they went to the gym on their lunch hour. Separate Read More

Halloween isn’t over: The eeriest tourist attractions

2 years ago Amy 0
Halloween may essentially be over here, but not across the world where you can be spooked all year round. There are many weird and wonderful aspects of this planet that we love to explore, but once things turn freaky, some of us can turn dubious on taking the risk to visit particularly creepy locations. Earth’s Read More

Stay the weekend: Barcelona

2 years ago Travelling For Business 0
Barcelona is a destination of beauty and charisma. If you’re lucky to go, there are some amazing places that you can visit to optimise your stay. Basilica of the Sagrada Familia Address: Carrer de Mallorca, 401, Barcelona Hours: Depends on time of visit: see here Admission: from £13.38 This beautiful and historic temple took world-known Read More