Want to achieve your New Year Resolutions? Here’s how

1 year ago Rebecca Jones 0
Traditionally the start of January is the time when we set out our intentions for the year ahead; when we gather up our failing will power and give it a boost in order to achieve our goals and stick to New Year resolutions. Whatever your aims are, you will probably need some help as over Read More

Wellness holidays: Boost your happy hormones

1 year ago Paul Joseph 0
It’s time to get to know the quadruplets of happiness: Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphin. Gain control of these fun foursome and you’ll gain control of your own happiness. Here, Health and Fitness Travel take a look at how each hormone works and recommend a wellness holiday to catalyse them into action and boost your happy Read More

Why Saudi Arabia needs its women more than ever

1 year ago Rebecca Jones 0
The image most people have of Saudi Arabia is one of extraordinary and extravagant wealth driven by an abundance of oil. That may once have been the case. Not so much anymore. Saudi Arabia still has a lot of oil. According to OPEC Saudi Arabia has 18% of the world’s proven petroleum reserves and is the world’s Read More

12 tips for staying productive during the festive period

1 year ago Rebecca Jones 0
Come mid-December and businesses will start winding down, ready for a well-deserved Christmas break. But while it may be tempting to enjoy the quiet period while it lasts, now is the perfect chance to reflect on the last 12 months and plan ahead to the New Year. Here are some top tips on how to Read More

Can a Holiday Help You Live Longer?

1 year ago Paul Joseph 0
Health and Fitness Travel, the leading specialists in healthy holidays worldwide, co-founder Paul Joseph looks at how holidays can have an impact on our health beyond a tan that fades and how our well-being is generated by a holiday to increase our longevity. Finally, the perfect excuse we all need to escape on holiday more Read More

Top tips for air travel this Christmas

1 year ago Travelling For Business 0
If you’re off travelling this Christmas then you’ll find your experience slightly different to when travelling during the rest of the year. Transport tends to be busier, organisation slacks and stress is likely to increase, however, here are some top air travel tips that the experts from AirFair have outlined: Post Christmas presents before travelling, Read More

5 reasons workers should adopt the right tech to stay in touch

1 year ago Rebecca Jones 0
According to Analyst Canalys, “almost all information workers will have the option of remote working by 2022, with the main means of communication being social media and video conferencing via mobile devices.” This forecast is particularly relevant for the growing number of virtual or nomadic workers who spend large parts of their day on the road Read More

Last minute Christmas travel breaks

1 year ago Amy 0
The majority of us are either a Summer or a Winter person and I’ve got to be a Winter one. I love the cosiness our clothes become, the amazing decorations and lights put up all around and of course, the food! Travelling at this time of year can be a pain when snow is in Read More

Travel quotes to inspire

1 year ago Amy 0
The experiences gained from travelling can be truly priceless – even with business and corporate travel. Open your mind and enable these travel quotes to unleash your imagination and inspire you to make the most of this amazing world in which we are able to roam. Mark Twain “Twenty years from now you will be more Read More

Business travel made easier

1 year ago Rebecca Jones 0
Recent data released from Gatwick reveals that less than 10 per cent of all people on business travel, actually travel in business class, meaning more and more business passengers are flying in economy and expected to be fresh and ready for work as soon as they’re off the plane. Furthermore, the data also reveals that business passengers Read More